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Summary of ALE different facilities


-supports continuous employment for people with disabilities from the blood type B -

At Workshop Fine, we accept everyone’s “individuality, thoughts, and goals” and we work together to help everybody reach their goals, at their own pace, one step at a time.

In addition, in order to communicate smoothly with those around them, we train them to develop their social skills and chat effortlessly with others in their daily lives.

Work contents


We grow and sell vegetables. Harvested vegetables are also used as ingredients for meals.

We aim to produce safe and delicious vegetables that do not use pesticides.

We also sell processed foods made from the vegetables we harvest. 

As an example, garlic

Harvesting garlic

Preparing the harvested garlic for shipment

red chili pepper powder

The harvested garlic is processed into black garlic and sold.

Other products harvested include red chili peppers Hawk Claw -“Taka no tsume”, Jerusalem artichokes, Kujo leeks, etc.

Confectionery production, vegetable processing and indoors work

The main activities in the workshop include confectionery production, processing vegetables harvested from agriculture, and manual work.

Everyone shares what they can do and enjoys working together.

Making Peco Poco cookies

Manual work

Then, we sell the products in different places like our gift shop TRY as well as the alma mater of our disabled employees.

Community life support GROUP HOME SUN サン

group home sun

At Group Home Sun, we train our residents to communicate with others and to live independently.

We provide a healthy, clean, and comfortable living space tailored to the challenges of each individual.


Our direct shop TRY allows us to easily showcase our products to our customers. We have a gift shop and a restaurant that serves lunch.

It is open 6 days a week, from Thursday to Tuesday (closed on Wednesday except on national holidays), from 10 am to 3 pm.

If you want more details, please go to our direct shop TRY page here => DIRECT SHOP TRY

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