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Details of ALE activities

Ale is a company that does its best to be a part of the community and thus deals with several activities:

  • Workshop “Fine” employs and supports people with disabilities (all of them are from the blood Type B)
  • Group Home “Sun” provides communal living support,
  • Direct Shop “Try” allows a customer-oriented experience with our gift shop and restaurant for our disabled employees.

We provide a platform for people with disabilities to play an active role and enjoy their everyday life.


At Workshop Fine, we promote a project that supports continuous employment for people with disabilities from the blood type B.

The main jobs include agriculture, forestry, confectionery manufacturing, indoor work, and storage work.


(all organic with no use of chemicals)

In our field, we grow garlic, chili peppers, radishes, green onions, Jerusalem artichokes, etc.

We use fermented and aged okara (soy pulp, or tofu dregs) as a natural fertilizer.


Garlic is processed into black garlic and sold as “Shikkoku no Chikara.” (aka its “jet black power”)

“Black garlic” contains about four times more “S-allylcysteine” than raw garlic. S-allylcysteine is a compound contained only in garlic, and is expected to prevent cancer, improve high blood pressure, prevent dementia, and improve learning ability.

It is sold at Direct Shop Try, other nearby supermarkets, roadside stations and on our online shop (when available)

black garlic

CHILI PEPPER (Type: Hawk Claw -"Taka no tsume")


After the hawk claws are harvested, they are processed into chili peppers and sold.

The chili peppers, carefully ground in a stone mortar, are known for their spiciness and deliciousness.

笑辛本番 一味唐辛子

Indoors work


We also have a wide range of indoor work, from simple tasks to some that require just a little bit of skill. 

We try to make it easier for everyone so that they can enjoy their work.

Confectionery manufacturing

We are also doing our best at making sweets that everyone can enjoy.


Cookies made by Fine are very popular so there are many regular customers and customers who buy them in bulk.

Shuriken cookies are black, crispy cookies that look like shuriken.

In addition, there are crunchy Peco Poco cookies and animal-shaped Peco Poco animal cookies.


Sweets come in cute packs and come in a lot of different varieties.

While not available anymore, Ale pudding was a very yummy dessert and many customers were buying it regularly.

Home roasted coffee

We sell coffee roasted from raw beans.

Plus, if you feel like drinking a great beverage, our direct shop Try offers freshly roasted coffee (hot or iced).



In our forestry business, we deal with Koya-Maki (Japanese umbrella-pine).

We will match the length, select a beautiful pine branch, and help you ship it


We ask everyone to bring out their own skills, with diverse activities such as Saori weaving and painting, and turn them into hand-made products.

Saori weaving

With Saori weaving, we manufacture bags and accessories and sell them at our direct shop Try.

Everyone’s dormant artistic sensibilities are just bursting out!

Painting (colored pencils drawings)

A mug made from the sketch drawn with colored pencils of our lovely Mei-san is also available in our direct shop Try

Take a close look at each detailed drawing.


Direct Shop TRY deals mainly in vocational products made with FINE, as well as vegetables and products from our fields in the neighborhood. In addition, you can also enjoy a nice lunch with our spicy chicken curry, freshly roasted and ground coffee or a warm “Kuzuyu” (Starch gruel).

Please stop by for a break from your drive.

From Thursday to Tuesday. Closed on Wednesday except on national holidays.

Daily special during the weekdays. Takoyaki during the weekends and national holidays (except during scorching days)

Our restaurant serves hot or cold Udon and different set lunches. For more information, visit our direct shop TRY page here: DIRECT SHOP TRY

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